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information on p1 registration under priority phase 2a1

If you have a child that will be going to Primary One next year, you will have to register him/her in the current year around the month of July.

If you are a member of the DLSAA (De La Salle Alumni Association), your child could potentially receive priority registration under Phase2A1 which is reserved for all alumni members.

However, in order to qualify for Phase 2A1, you would have to be an alumni member for at least one year before the P1 registration of your child.

In other words, you would have had to be an alumni member for approximately 1-and-a half years before your child goes to Primary One.

Please see the diagram below for better clarity of this.

Alumni members who would like P1 registration for their children under priority Phase 2A1should write an email to the Alumni (dlsaalumni@gmail.com) with details of their full name, NRIC No, full name(s) of your child(ren) and date of application of membership. We will then write to you with a letter to present to the School to confirm your eligibility under Phase 2A1.



This tournament is probably one of the first, if not the first activity that brought together the old boys of all the CBS primary schools in friendly competition. Even though we are all from different schools there was an uncanny familiarity and bond that was palpable throughout the tournament - the LaSallian spirit.


The competition was stiff and fierce at times, as was expected but in the end the LaSallian sense of true sportsmanship prevailed and all the old boys were thankful that they were able to partake of this event and renew old ties.


For the DLSAA - we were mainly represented by a group of old boys from the 1983 DLSS batch. Most of them went on to SJI and graduated from there in 1987. They are Allan Toh, Jeffrey Ng, Bernard Chia, Louis Nathan, Francis Selvan, Edmund Ng, Wai Keong and Niklas Leong. I applaud your competitive spirit and your eagerness to play for your alma mater.


We played a fantastic 1st match against SAB and won by a big margin, 6-2. Took the foot off the pedal in the 2nd match and got punished by SSS 2-1. The final match against the tournament favourites, SMSAA, we lost 4-2 as fatigue and injuries put paid to any chances of winning the tournament. Overall the DLSAA team gave a good account of themselves and have a solid base on which to build on from.


Thanks to SMSAA (St Mike's) for taking the lead role in organising this tournament. They provided the venue, drinks, the St Michael's Challenge Shield and the medals, which was a surprise. Everyone who participated got a medal, a nice touch to end off the tournament in true LaSallian spirit.


Check out the photos and the videos on our FB page .The SAB players are in blue jerseys, SMSAA in red and DLSAA in green. Cheers!