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Parent Support Group (PSG)

Welcome to the De La Salle School Parent Support Group. By virtue of enrolling their children to De La Salle School, all De La Salle parents have the same opportunity to join the PSG.  Parents are invited to become active members by registering to become a PSG members and then connecting with PSG meetings, activities and events. The PSG is a school-sponsored, volunteer-run-organization – here to create a community and to play the following *roles: 

Supportive Partner in Education: 
The PSG complements the school by aligning with the school’s objectives, supporting and strengthening the school’s programmes to improve Lasallian’s well-being and learning.

Bridge Between Parents and School:
The PSG listens to parents’ feedback on school operations, practices and programmes, and provides feedback to the school.  The PSG also facilitates the school’s communication to parent and provides the best vehicle to learn more about the school.

Magnet to Attract Other Parents:
Parents who are actively involved in the PSG are better able to reach out to other parents and involve them.  Over time, more parents can contribute to make the school environment more conducive for learning.

*In partnering and supporting the school, PSG members volunteer their 3 Ts:

Time – PSG can volunteer their time to design and conduct the school’s programmes and events.  Supportive PSG members can help to make the school a safe place for Lasallians to learn in, making school life more vibrant and caring.

Talent – PSG can volunteer their expertise, talents, individual interests or personal networks.  In this way, parents can significantly expand the pool of help available to the school and the PSG.
Thoughts –PSG can brainstorm and contribute constructive feedback and ideas to improve the school and PSG.  Cluster-wide or zonal PSG forums are a great opportunity to learn and share ideas with other PSGs.  More experienced parents can share experience and advice with younger parents too. 

Dos and Don’ts of PSG
When PSG come together, parents have to remember to balance their own needs and ideas with the need of the school, other parents and all the students of the school.

Follow the school rules and respect the authority of the school.Overrule school policies for personal benefit or convenience.
Promote and participate actively in the school’s programmes for the benefit of all children.Engage in political games or favouritism within the PSG.
 Communicate with the school on specific needs of the child, if any.Dictate teaching practices in the school. This may undermine the professionalism of teachers.
Provide constructive feedback to the school through official channels (e.g. dialogue sessions, PSG meetingsInterfere with the administration of the school (e.g. attempt to discipline a school staff or vendor of the school).
Respect the views and comments of fellow members.
Criticise the school or PSG publicly. Any grievances should be brought to the attention of the Principal or PSG Chairperson.
Project a positive image of the school when volunteering at school or PSG events.Represent the school at any external party, unless specifically authorised by the school leaders (e.g. speaking to the media)
Dress modestly when volunteering at school events.Wear revealing clothes.
Seek members’ permission before adding members to any chat or social media group, and keep all personal contact details confidential.Use the PSG Whatsapp group chat to seek support for specific problems that your child is facing in school. Such feedback should be given to the school.
 Send messages that are irrelevant to the PSG’s work through the PSG’s communication channels.

*Information copied from the publication: Parent Support Groups – A How-to Guide by Parents for Parent. Produced by the Ministry of Education, Engagement and Research Division, Communications and Engagement Group. 

DLSS PSG – Who we are

Every Lasallian parent is a welcomed member, but some have more time and an inclination to participate in more activities at school. The school always recognizes that parents are important partners in education. So, the PSG encourages all parents to build more meaningful connections to and with the DLSS PSG community. By engaging and collaborating, we can all make De La Salle School a positive and growing community to impact our children and their learning and development.

2019 Chairperson: Ms. Julia Lee

With Core PSG Team:
1. Ms. Ayu Permatasari (Admin Lead)
2. Ms. Ivy (Catechism Coordinator)
3. Ms. Vera Amalia (IT Lead)
4.     Ms. Aruna L Mascarenhas (Resource Lead)
5.     Mr. Lawrence Pang (Official PSG Photographer/Videographer)

PSG Level Representation
1. Primary 1 : Ms. Wee Harn Ing
2. Primary 2 : Ms. Joan Sulistyo
3. Primary 3 : Ms. Serene Chen
4. Primary 4 : Ms. Yap Gim Eng
5. Primary 5 : Ms. Aruna L Mascarenhas
6. Primary 6 : Ms. Foo Yee Mei

Weekly Activity Lead:
1. English Reading : Ms. Angeline
2. Chinese Reading : Ms. Jacelyn
3. Games Haven (Reward Room) : Ms. Tommie
4. Math Corner : Ms. Cecilia

What we do

We are working to support the school and the Lasallian parents’  community by:
1. Providing inclusive opportunities for all and celebrating the diverse nature of our school
2. Catholic PSG share their faith experiences with children, taking them on a faith journey to Christ on weekly basis during catechism classes. 
3. We help teachers on some activities like LEAF Programmes, Lower Primary Camps, Sports Day, etc.
4. Catholic PSG assist in leading morning prayer every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 7am – 7.20am

2019 Scheduled Activities

 Term 1 Term 2

 Term 3 Term 4

To Get Involved: 

Please be sure to always look for information about PSG meetings and events in the web or WhatsApp groups.
Kindly register through the link below:  

Thank you and God bless!