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Level   :  Primary 3 to Primary 6
Venue :  PAL Room 
The De La Salle School Chinese Dance group has a long history since it has been established. It is an avenue for aspiring dancers to demonstrate their passion for dancing.  

Our dance group has provided opportunities for members to display their talent through different dance styles ranging from traditional Chinese dance to Contemporary dance. Members are also given a platform to showcase their graceful dance gestures in various performances and competitions.


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Level   :  Primary 3 to Primary 6

Venue :  Music Room 2  
Our focus in the Malay Dance CCA is not just about learning how to dance but our dancers are nurtured to become a confident, creative and disciplined individual with greater understanding of the Malay culture. They are also given opportunities to perform traditional and contemporary Malay dance items in indoor and outdoor performances in front of live audience. The group has performed in several external events such as National Day Celebration at Yew Tee Hard Court and Muara Festival at the Esplanade.

Teacher-in-charge NameTeacher-in-charge Email
Mdm Siti Aisah Bte Mohamed Jasminsiti_aisah_mohamed_jasmin@moe.edu.sg
Mdm Noorhani Bte Adenannoorhani_btb_adenan@moe.edu.sg
 Mdm Noor Syakirah Jamalnoor_syakirah_jamal@moe.edu.sg 



Level   :  Primary 1 to Primary 6
Venue :  PAL Room

The Indian Dance Group of De La Salle School consists of a group of passionate Lasallians who express their flair for dancing through various forms of genres such as Indian folk, traditional, contemporary and Bollywood film songs and dance. The Lasallians learn about the rich and interesting culture through the music and the meanings of the songs.  Through dancing, the Lasallians also increase their flexibility and fitness while developing their grace and form through the various exercises that shape their form. 

The Indian dance group has been active in performances in and out of school premises and will continue to perform and showcase our talents for school events such as like Prize giving ceremony, SYF arts showcase, Deepavali and other major events such as Limbang PassionArts Festival.  





Level   :  Primary 3 to Primary 6
Venue :   
Dance Studio
Time   : 0745 – 0915 on Wednesdays and Fridays
              0215pm - 0415pm on Thursdays
Day of training/practice : P3 and 6 – Fridays
                                             P4 and 5 – Wednesdays
                                             P3 - P6 - Thursdays
Our Vision To nurture young aspiring Lasallians to fulfil their dreams as they seek to communicate and express themselves through dance.

The Modern Dance CCA opens up a myriad of opportunities for pupils to learn and master a range of dance techniques and styles emphasizing strength, balance and endurance with importance placed on rhythmic awareness. The dancers have trained through various performances and competitions. This gives the Lasallians a platform to cultivate self-confidence and resilience enhancing their leadership qualities through teamwork.

Teacher-in-charge NameTeacher-in-charge Email
Mrs Amy Liewamy_lee_may_chyou@moe.edu.sg
Mrs Joanne Lioulau_siew_yee@moe.edu.sg 
 Mrs Michelle Chianmichelle_chian@moe.edu.sg 


Vision Statement :
To inspire and nurture a lifelong passion for singing in every Lasallian in the Choir.

De La Salle Choir currently performs a repertoire of choral works ranging from traditional hymns to Broadway and show-choir numbers as well. De La Salle Choir aims to continue to nurture and sustain a lifelong passion for singing in every Lasallian. De La Salle Choir participates in school performances, hosts joint choir sessions with other primary school’s choir and performed at several public performances throughout the year.

Commitment in attendance
Love for singing
Positive attitude to learning

Selection Criteria:
All interested Lasallians will have to go through an audition
Level   :  Primary 3 to Primary 6
Venue :  Music Room 1
Time   : 0745 – 0915 on Wednesdays and Fridays
Day of training/practice : P3 and 6 – Fridays
                                             P4 and 5 – Wednesdays
Teacher-in-charge NameTeacher-in-charge Email
Mrs Winnie WongMs Jasmin Mohamed Hannifa
Mdm Irene Leongleong_foong_yee_irene@moe.edu.sg
 Ms Jasmin Mohamed Hannifajasmin_mohamed_hannifa@moe.edu.sg