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Level   :  Primary 3 to Primary 6
Venue :  Art Room 2 & 3
Club members have the opportunity to explore different art forms and experiment with both traditional and modern mediums. Lasallians learn to express their thoughts, ideas and feelings through the art making and at the same time develop their artistic skills and techniques.

Talented artists in Art Club are also invited to participate in local as well as international Art competitions such as the prestigious Singapore Youth Festival, occurring every alternate year. Art Club members can also look forward to museum visits where they are able to better understand the significance of masterpieces and how master artists achieve their desired painting outcomes.



Level   :  Primary 3 to Primary 6
Venue :  Computer Laboratory
The Chess Club was set up with the objective of promoting intellectual games. It aims to introduce basic chess play skills to members. Pupils are taught to think and strategise carefully before they act. During training, we discuss various chess moves and their resulting consequences. Pupils were also given opportunities to collaborate and share their knowledge with their team mates.

Training will be held every Wednesday (P4 and P5) as well as every Friday (P3 and P6) during curriculum time at the computer laboratory.



Level   :  Primary 3 to Primary 6
Venue :  Science Lab 
The Math and Science Club aims to: 

(a) instil in the Lasallians a love and curiosity in Science and Mathematics by relating to the real world context.

(b) equip the Lasallians with problem solving and innovative skills for Entrepreneurial Dare.

Lasallians will be exposed to Math game like Math Warrior which requires them to use certain mathematical skills. They will be introduced to various problem solving and investigative activities. These programmes aim to achieve higher order thinking skills as well as providing them an opportunity to work with others and reflect on their learning.



Level   :  Primary 3 to Primary 6
Venue :  Computer Laboratory
In Robotics club, the school has engaged a vendor to provide the training for LEGO construction and programming. Throughout the year, Lasallians will be introduced to various challenges which enhance their logical reasoning and problem solving skills. In these challenges, Lasallians also learn to work in small groups which give them opportunities to develop their communication and interpersonal skills.



Level   :  Primary 3 to Primary 6
Venue :  School Library
In the English Club we aim to enhance Lasallians’ awareness of themselves as individuals with special talents and capacities. Lasallians are also provided with to explore their creative talents through the use of the English Language in activities such as dramatization of short plays and skits, readers’ theatre, story-telling, presentations, interviewing  and debating.




Level   :  Primary 3 to Primary 6
Venue :  Green Space

Mind Body Soul, Funfit CCA focuses in developing Lasallian’s mind, body and soul not just measures of weight and fitness in managing Lasallians’ obesity rate. Through behavioural modification in healthy eating habits, managing stress and physical activities during regular morning meetings, the CCA aims to boost Lasallians’ intrinsic motivation to lead a healthy lifestyle. If your child/ward is undertaking NAPFA this year it will prepare them ahead of the school curriculum and enhance their confidence through involvement in the physical activities. It also increases sporting opportunities especially for those not involved in a sporting CCA. The CCA provides opportunities for character-building, improving self-esteem and nurturing of life skills through sports and involvement in events such as Cluster Olympic Day.

Research in neuroscience also supports physical activity which improves behaviour and reduces stress (Hudziak, 2011). Sports and physical activity also play a crucial role in increasing your child’s stamina and endurance. Other benefits include increased mental alertness, focus and attention which would help students concentrate better in their studies. Essential values such as perseverance, determination and cooperation during teamwork are also imparted to children during participation in physical activities. The CCA would thus impart valuable skills as well as values in a holistic approach that would greatly benefit your child’s overall well-being.

“It is confidence in our bodies, minds and spirits that allows us to keep looking for new adventures, new directions to grow in, and new lessons to learn – which is what life is all about.” Oprah Winfrey, Oprah Magazine, May 2004