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Uniformed Groups



Level   :  Primary 2 to Primary 6
Venue :  Classroom

What is Guiding (Brownies)? Guiding is a growing worldwide Movement that enable young girls to acquire life skills through knowledge, ideas, sharing and adventure.  The aim is to provide girls with the opportunity to develop their fullest potential in the development of character, promotion of service to the community and as responsible citizens of the world.




Level   :  Primary 3 to Primary 6
Venue :  Classroom
De La Salle Red Cross unit started in 1971 and is part of the Singapore Red Cross Youth.  It is a uniform group that integrates character-building, leadership, first aid skills and blood donation knowledge, with the Red Cross ethos and service to humanity as a core focus.




Level   :  Primary 3 to Primary 6
Venue :  Classroom and Courtyard
To inculcate sound values and life-skills that will develop a person physically, intellectually, socially and spiritually.