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Through Art and Music domains, our school’ Aesthetics curriculum and programs aim to develop Lasallians who have:

  • A keen eye and mindfulness to his or her environment;
  • A heightened sense of appreciation for the Arts;
  • An inquisitive mind filled with wonder and creativity;
  • And an expressive nature that defines their thoughts and ideas.

To achieve these student outcomes, the school has put in place structured Aesthetics programs that provide the opportunities and platforms for our Lasallians to develop critical Arts skills and competencies. We create authentic learning environment in Arts that allows Lasallians to see meaning and relevance to their environment; hence giving them the platforms to apply their acquired skills to express and imagine through Arts.

Besides the learning component, serving and community outreach through Arts is also one of the department focus. This is in alignment to our school’ strategic direction of developing Lasallians with a mindful servant leadership.

Our Talent Management Framework will also provide Lasallians who demonstrate aptitude and competencies in a specific domain of Arts eg) singing, dance, music or visual Art an extensive platform for them to develop and strengthen their skills in that area.

As Lasallians embark on their Arts Education journey, we hope to develop students who have the ability to view Arts in a larger context and as part of their environment; while being equipped with the critical life skills and 21st core competencies as they explore, experience and engage through Arts.

Key Programmes

1. ArtScape

ArtScape was conceptualized to provide an interactive space for Lasallians to engage in Arts experience in the domains of Visual Art and Music. It is also a platform to showcase the beautiful artworks and music creation done by Lasallians in curriculum. Aligned with our innovative community, innovation and ICT tools have also been incorporated in ArtScape to enhance the learning experiences in the Arts appreciation. Lasallians will visit ArtScape as part of their outdoor learning experience in curriculum.

2. ArtzGem

ArtzGem is the department’ initiative to reach out to the community through Arts. It provides Lasallians with platforms to contribute and give back through Arts, which inculcates important values such as respect and empathy in our Lasallians. Collaborative opportunities with welfare organizations and external agencies eg/ Yew Tee Constituency are planned for Lasallians to engage in activities with the elderly or the residents in Yew Tee.

Some of the activities include visiting MWS Bethany Nursing Home and planning Art-related activities for the elderly residents. Lasallians had fun interacting with the residents and in turn, they have learnt valuable life lessons which were shared by the residents and important skills such as empathetic listening and care.

Our Lasallians also brought Arts closer to our neighborhood by organizing on-the-spot Art activities for the residents in the neighborhood. Special tote bags designed by our students were given out to the residents and they were also guided to create Art at the event. We have also staged a mini Art exhibition at NLB library to showcase our students’ work and to provide guided lessons on Art activities for the public.

Through ArtzGem, we hope that Lasallians will develop a heart of servitude and to use Arts to contribute to the community.