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Our school aims to develop our Lasallians to be self-directed in their own learning, reflective in their minds and innovative in problem solving. Mathematical concepts and skills are taught through varied learning experiences that help to develop their cognitive and meta-cognitive skills. Lasallians are also given opportunities to appreciate the beauty and power of Mathematics in solving problems related to their daily lives. In this way, they are trained to become critical thinkers with the ability to reason mathematically and apply their mathematical concepts to real life problems.

There is a strong emphasis to nurture positive attitudes towards Mathematics. Activities are set up to spark curiosity while learning about the subject in a fun-filled manner. By making Mathematics fun, this will encourage our Lasallians not to fear the subject and instead, explore different ways of engaging in mathematical thinking. We hope to help our Lasallians achieve their own levels of mastery and be well-equipped with mathematical knowledge that will enrich their lives.

Key Programmes

1. SUPER* Approach to Problem Solving 
As part of the Mathematics curriculum to develop metacognitive awareness among our students, our school adapted the famous four-step process for problem solving approach created by Polya which is known as the Super* Approach in our school. It is a structured approach to guide students to reflect on their steps in problem solving. By doing so, Lasallians are more aware of the logical reasoning behind their working which allows them to gain independence and confidence in solving mathematical problems.   


2. Learning Centres

For our lower primary (P1 and P2), Learning Centres are conducted at the end of each term to consolidate their learning. Station activities are set up for Lasallians to participate in and our Lasallians are encouraged to apply the skills and concepts learnt during Math lessons in a fun and engaging way. We hope that this fosters an interest in learning Mathematics at a young age.  


3. Mighty Mathematics
Mighty Mathematics is also a programme created to inculcate interest and enjoyment in learning Mathematics in our Lasallians. The use of games to learn Mathematics is highly encouraged because Lasallians are able to learn through play with their peers. Not only does it develop their interest, playing games allows Lasallians to communicate with one another, build on teamwork and gain competency in their mathematical skills.  

4. Math Fun Corner
Math Fun Corner is set up in the canteen and classrooms. There are various math games for students to choose such as Sudoku and Math Warrior. Sudoku allows Lasallians to develop their cognitive and observation skills as they solve puzzles by determining patterns. Meanwhile, Math Warrior requires Lasallians to be quick on their feet and skilled in their number sense in order to think strategically to outwit their opponents. 


5. Mathematics Enrichment (E2K)
E2K is an enrichment programme where Lasallians are able to foster independence in mathematical thinking skills. The rich learning experiences help to nurture 21st century competencies such as resilience and resourcefulness, critical and inventive thinking, and effective communication skills. 

6. Koobits
 Koobits is an interactive learning portal for Lasallians to take part in math challenges, do extra practices and play math games. The portal gamifies learning and motivates Lasallians to revise their math knowledge daily. Teachers and parents have the flexibility to select questions for our Lasallians to practise based on their respective needs. Detailed solutions are provided for each question and there are also videos provided to explain the problem solving concepts. 

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