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Social Studies

Social Studies is a student's first introduction to humanities, where they are exposed to elements of geography, history, sociology and economics. It is also part of their character and citizenship education where they learn more about Singapore and cultivate their sense of belonging to the community and nation.

The Social Studies curriculum in De La Salle School endeavours to mould our Lasallians to become an informed, concerned, and participative citizen. We aim to do that by providing authentic learning experiences for our Lasallians through their learning journeys. Emphasis is also placed on the application of knowledge and skills, as well as the acquisition of values. Lasallians are given a chance to collaborate and demonstrate their learning through the various performance tasks. Ultimately, we strive to plant the seed of curiosity and interest in Humanities for our Lasallians.

Key Programmes

1.    Community Walkabout

P2 Lasallians visited places of worship such as a Chinese Temple, an Indian Temple, a Catholic Church and a Mosque to know the significance behind the places of worships. The objective of the learning journey is for them to learn to respect one another’s diversity and religious practices, bringing them closer to the various communities.

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2.    I am a Town Planner Programme by Singapore Discovery Centre

Through a guided tour and hands-on activities, P3 Lasallians learnt the land constraints and challenges faced by Singapore since our independence. They also learnt how every decision that they make can have an impact on the environment, people and land development.

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3.    Learning Journey to National Museum and Images of Singapore LIVE

P4 Lasallians visited the National Museum and Images of Singapore LIVE to learn about the history of Singapore and the contributions of our pioneers. The entire cohort then put up a National Day Performance for the school population, with knowledge that they have gained from lessons in class and their learning journey.

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