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Parents Gateway

What is Parents Gateway?

Developed by the Ministry of Education and GovTech, Parents Gateway is a one-stop portal that strengthens school-home partnership to support our children in their education journey.

For Parents:

- Access all your official school announcements and consent forms at your fingertips.

- Give consent for your child's activities anytime, anywhere.

- Receive official announcements directly from schools.

- Keep track of upcoming activities for multiple children.

For more information:

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Current Updates: 

Version 4.0.1 (As Of February 2020)

1. HQ Pop-up comms will be pinned at the top of the “Home” page. By tapping on the pinned message, parents would be able to access the Pop-up Comms message.

2. Capitalisation of  names, class and schools - Parent’s, student’s, class and school names will be shown in capital letters.