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Start of  Year  Mass Inaugural Service
Chinese New Year Total Defence Day
Lasallian Leaders' Investiture Founder's Day
Holy Thursday Sports Carnival

Selamat HariRayaP3 Percussion Performance
P4 Ukulele Performance


P1 Orientation
Prize Giving Day
Appreciation Day
Children's Day Concert
Thanksgiving Mass
PSLE Mass Children's Day Mass
Lower Primary Games Teachers' Day Concert
National Day Activites P3 Games
National Day Observance Ceremony National Day Concert
Hari Raya Concert NE Show
P3 Camp Mother Tongue Language Fortnight
P2 Community Walk-a-bout P3 Learning Journey to Singapore Discovery Centre
P1 Camp P2 SHARE
Sports Carnival Mother's Day


P1 Orientation DayThanksgiving Mass

Children's Day Prayer ServiceChildren's Day Concert

Teacher's Day ConcertTeachers' Day Service

Lower Primary Games P3 Games

Maundy Thursday Sports Carnival

Founder's DayInternational Friendship Day

Inauguration DayChinese New Year

Racial Harmony DayNational Day Celebration